IstaBreeze Kit 1500W 24V Windsafe Wind Turbine + Charge Controller - 1524WS-B-3K- PRO24L

Original wind generator iSTA Breeze i-1500 Windsafe

We are pleased to introduce our new wind generator IstaBreeze® WindSafe.

The newly developed IstaBreeze® WindSafe is a wind generator for long-term professional use, which delivers energy automatically and unattended reliably even under extreme conditions.

Our WindSafe IstaBreeze® wind turbine model has a revolutionary turbine protection system, the rotor is supported on a movable platform that raises the entire structure by 90 degrees in windstorm or strong wind, modifying the repeller relative to the wind, reducing frontal attack and rotation is reduced. This protects the turbine from strong winds. This robust construction ensures a long service life of our turbines and becomes a unique system in the category of mini wind generators.

The generous dimensioning of the generator components and the heat dissipation through the grooves in the aluminum housing of the generator ensure a low thermal load, which ensures a long service life even at high ambient temperatures.


Blade Specification

  • Diamater: 225 cm
  • Material: Plastic + 30% glass fibers
  • Lenght of per blade: 107 cm
  • Noise: 40 dB
  • Weight of per blade: 650 gr


  • Alternator Housing:Aluminium
  • Direction Flag:Plastic + 30% glass fiber
  • Generator:3-phase permanent magnet (High efficiency due to strong permanent magnets (NdFeBo magnets, 150 ° temperature resistant) (The threading of our copper winding is done exclusively by hand.)
  • Rated Capacity:1500W
  • System Voltage:24V
  • Power Transmission:Slip ring, thus no twisting of the cable possible. (pre-assembled in the supporting element)
  • Blade Material:Carbon
  • Blade Length:107 cm
  • Rotor Diameter:220 cm


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