Istabreeze Kit Heli 2KW 48V Off-Grid Wind Turbine (with New Blade) & Charge Controller HELI2OFF

We are pleased to introduce our new wind generator IstaBreeze® helicopter series.

The newly developed IstaBreeze® Heli 2.0 is a wind generator for long-term professional use, which delivers reliable energy even under extreme conditions automatically

The generous dimensioning of the generator components and the heat dissipation through the grooves in the nacelle housing ensure a low thermal load, which ensures a long service life even at high ambient temperatures.

The generator shaft runs in permanently lubricated, robust deep groove ball bearings made of stainless steel. The carrying element of the heli series is equipped with azimuth pivot bearings.

(The threading of the copper winding is done exclusively by hand.) 

New blades are more performances and hand made.

2 Year Warrenty


  • Automatic Storm Securing:13 m/s (by tilting the rotor)
  • Casing:Hand Laminated and painted
  • Cut-In:2,9 m/s
  • Direction:AnyEfficiency:92%
  • Generator:3-phase permanent magnet (High efficiency due to strong permanent magnets (NdFeBo magnets, 150 ° temperature resistant)
  • Manual Storm Securing:Switch (Short Brake)
  • Power Transmission:Slip ring, thus no twisting of the cable possible. (pre-assembled in the supporting element)
  • Speed Range:0 Rpm - 800 Rpm
  • Voltage:48 VAC
  • Wear Element:Powder-Coated steel
  • Rated Power:2,0 KW
  • Work Space:150 Rpm – 600 Rpm (Low Rpm Wind Turbine)



  • Noise: 40 dB
  • Weight of per blade: 1500 g