Istabreeze Kit i-2000W 48V Wind Turbine & Charge Controller & Tower

Due to the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the rotor blades are very durable and stable, at the same time unusually light.

The housing is equipped with cooling fins and is made of high-strength aluminum.

The maintenance-free, sliding contact (without coal) guarantees a good flow of current and thus no twisting of the cable in the mast.

Installation in mast tube by plug connection. Required mast tube inner diameter: 37 mm nominal size!

Further technical data further down in the description.

This product is used successfully 1000 times worldwide! 2 years manufacturer's warranty!




  • Material: White or Carbon
  • Length: 107 cm
  • Rotor Diamater: 225 cm



4 meters IstaBreeze® TOWER for wind generator i-700 to i-2000,

(our WindSafe models require an adapter)

It has never been so easy to install a wind generator.

With the IstaBreeze® Tower it is possible to build a wind generator in a few minutes.

The folding system simplifies the whole process.

During maintenance, only a few screws are released and the tower can be folded for maintenance.

The mast can be extended by a maximum of 2 meters!

Dowels and screws for the floor (concrete floor) is still needed !!

Diameter of the mast is: 60 mm

Inner hole, plug connection Wind generator IstaBreeze® .......... 37 mm


Optional The vibration damper for the wind generators i-500- L-500 and i-700 to i-2000, reduces the transmission of structure-borne noise from the wind generator into the mast and thus possibly into the house. The retrofit is very simple, because the body silencer has the same dimensions as the wind generator, it must only be inserted between them and screwed with matching screws on the mast and the wind generator. (Not for WindSafe models)

The vibration damper is compatible with our original IstaBreeze® masts 15kg and 40kg.



  • Wind Turbine Maximum Power:2200W
  • Voltage:48 V (AC)
  • Body Material:Aluminium
  • Decibel:40 dB
  • Rated Power:2000W
  • Starting Wind Speed:2m/s
  • Current:40A
  • Rated Wind Speed:12.5m/s
  • Battery Voltage Min:42V
  • Blade Material:Composite
  • Blade Length:107 cm
  • Rotor Diameter:220 cm