IstaBreeze Charge Controller MPPT 12-24V 500W for Wind Turbine Generator - 2001-MP

The controller is designed specifically for wind solar hybrid street light system, can make the wind solar hybrid street light system in various resources to achieve the best configuration, of course, the controller can also be used in household system after some simple settings

The wind generator charging part and Solar charging part are independent from each other, wind generator charging adopts booster MPPT technology, which makes under low wind speed, the wind generator's electricity can still be used; In the high wind speed or the wind generator power beyond the scope of the battery and load absorption, the controller launches the unloading function by dump load resistor, protects the system and controller, battery. Solar charging use in serieMOS tube PWM technology, which makes the power consumption small, more stable.

Discharge part working mode can be set, light control modePeriod of time control function ect., The user can set up according to the requirements on its own combination.

LCD screen and four key operation mode, easy to understand, very convenient.

Perfect protection function,including:lightning counter-attack,over-voltage automatic braking, storage battery reverse connect and open circuit protection


  • Rated Voltage: 12V/24V Auto
  • Solar Panel Power: 100W
  • Wind Turbine Power: 500W
  • No-Load: ≤0.1A
  • Voltage drop (DC): ≤0.5V
  • Control mode: Wind generator MPPT charge function, PWM uninstall function, PWM over-current limiting
  • Boost charge: Flexible independent step-up circuit (optional)
  • Display: LCD
  • Show parameters: Voltagecharge currentbattery voltage
  • Protected type: Lightning protection, solar cell anti-reverse protection, open battery protection, reverse battery protection, over-wind speed and over-voltage soft automatic braking protection
  • Net Weight: 1.2 KG
  • Size(L*W*H): 162*140*64 MM

Two Year Warrenty

  • Charging Current: 50A
  • Equalization charge: 28.8V±1%
  • Floating Charge: 27.6V±1%
  • Equalization charge recovery: 26.4V±1%
  • Temperature Compensation: -48mV/℃
  • Disconnect (DC)21.8V±1%
  • Recovery (DC)24.6V±1%
  • Shut off (DC)32V±1%
  • Recovery  (DC)30V±1%