EcoFlow 100W Flexible Solar Panel ZMS330

Introducing the EcoFlow 100W Flexible Solar Panel - the lightweight and versatile solution for harnessing the power of the sun. With its incredible features and universal compatibility, this solar panel is a must-have for anyone looking to go green and save on energy costs.

Weighing only 5.1lbs (2.3kg), this flexible solar panel is incredibly light, making it easy to move and install. It won't weigh down your vehicle or roof, making it perfect for campers, RVs, vans, and boats. Its flexible design allows it to effortlessly adapt to curved surfaces, ensuring a seamless installation.

No need to worry about weather conditions either! The EcoFlow 100W Flexible Solar Panel is built to withstand it all. With its IP68 waterproof rating, it can handle dirt, dust, debris, and even low-pressure water jets. Whether you're in a sunny or rainy climate, this solar panel will continue to generate power efficiently.

We've made sure that the EcoFlow 100W Flexible Solar Panel is universally compatible with other solar systems and power stations. It comes with a generous 3.3ft charging cable that provides ample space for positioning each panel optimally for maximum solar input. Say goodbye to limited options and embrace the freedom of choice.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the eco-conscious movement while enjoying significant savings on your energy bills. Get your hands on the EcoFlow 100W Flexible Solar Panel today and experience the convenience of green energy at its finest!



  • Extremely Light

    At only 5.1lbs (2.3kg), this flexible solar panel is easy to move and install, barely adding any weight to your vehicle. Flexible solar panels are perfect for roofs that can only support a light load, such as tents and awnings.

  • Flexible

    Its adaptable design can fit a multitude of curved surfaces, making it ideal for mounting on RVs, van roofs, and boats.

  • Weatherproof

    With a waterproof level of IP68, the flexible solar panel can be used in all weather and can withstand dirt, dust, debris, and low-pressure water jets.

  • Universally compatible

    The 100W flexible panel includes a 3.3ft charging cable that gives you plenty of space to position each panel, maximizing solar input. With an all-inclusive solar connector, the 100W rigid panel works with other 3rd party solar systems and power stations