Jackery Explorer 1500 1500Wh Portable Power Station for Outdoors

    Jackery Explorer 1500 brings power - that is stable and safe, with 1534Wh capacity, 1800W AC outputs, and fast recharging efficiency, which will run up to 7 appliances, all together at once. It will suit all your needs - whenever, wherever, for camping, RV/Van life, any outdoor activities, or for emergency home backup.

    1800W Power Charging 8 Devices
    Immense power is now ready at your fingertips. The Explorer 1500 Pro features the Dual PD100W design, three 1800W AC charging ports, two USB-C charging ports, and one car charger, allowing for fast charging of all household devices and gadgets thinkable.

    Several Recharging Ways
    The ultra solar charging, more than fast charging experience. Solar charging is reborn with a 2-hour solar charge, supporting a maximum of 1,400W solar power input and an unbelievable 2-hour wall charge (6*200W solar panels). Get ready to explore further with Jackery Solar and more than fast.

    2000 Charge Cycles at 70% Power
    The capacity of the 1500 Pro will be reduced to 70% of its starting level after at least 2000 cycles. That is a lot of cycles - if you charged and discharged the 1500 Pro twice a week, it would last about 5 years and still have 70% capacity. Furthermore, with 100% capacity, it can be left on standby for over 365 days, making it an extremely dependable emergency backup power supply.

    Ultimate All-round Safety
    Safety is taken to the next level with intelligent BMS and 8 state-of-the-art temperature sensors for accurate, safe temp control. A patented multi-duct design provides 30% improved heat dissipation efficiency, generating 100% product safety. The complete safe charging experience has arrived.

    Lighter & Smaller for Easy Carrying
    Weighing in at just 37.4 lbs, Jackery’s Explorer 1500 Pro is 20% lighter than similar products with the same capacity. Also, it is equipped with an ergonomic folding handle, making it easy to carry anywhere you desire.

    Furthermore, the exceptional new Smart Screen allows you to easily locate the remaining capacity charging status, as well as other information on the LCD panel. It can be set to open for 12 hours to prevent no-loading and save energy.

    Sturdy Design for long serving life
    The power station is incredibly durable and very long-lasting, with the outer shell having the highest UL requirements, featuring top 94V-0 fireproof material, and passing safety drop standards. Strength and reliability is completely guaranteed.

    Strong Compatibility with All Solar Panels
    Explorer 1500 Pro is compatible with all Jackery Solar Panel Models to benefit from green energy. In addition, it's super quiet with max sound at 46dB(same as a refrigerator), there is no trouble when you want to use it while reading, sleeping and working.

    5 Year Guarantee
    We provide our customers with 3 years warranty for every purchase of Explorer 1500 Pro and an extra 2-year extended warranty (applied automatically if purchased from our Official Website). If purchased from the third party supplier, you need to fill out a form to claim the extended warranty.


    • 1* Explorer 1500 Pro
    • 1* Car Charge Cable
    • 1* AC Charge Cable
    • 2* DC7909 to DC8020 Adaptor
    • 1* User Manual


    Battery Specifications Values
    Capacity 1,512Wh
    Cell Chemistry Lithium-ion
    Cycle Life 1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity
    Management System BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection
    AC Output (x3) 120V, 60Hz, 1,800W (3,600W Peak)
    USB-A Output (x2) Quick Charge 3.0x2, 18W Max
    USB-C Output (x2) 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A)
    Car Port (x1) 12V⎓10A
    AC Input 120V, 60Hz, 15A Max
    DC Input 11V-17.5V, 8A Max, Double to 8A Max 17.5V⎓60V, 12A, Double to 24A/1400W Max
    Weight 37.48 lbs (17 kg)
    Height 15.12 in (38.4 cm)
    Width 10.59 in (26.9 cm)
    Depth 12.11 in (30.75 cm)
    Charging Time (0-100%)
    AC Adapter 2 Hours
    Car Adapter (12V) 16.5 Hours
    Solar Panel (6 x SolarSaga 100W) 4 Hours
    Solar Panel (2 x SolarSaga 100W) 12 Hours
    Solar Panel (1 x SolarSaga 100W) 22 Hours
    Warranty 3 Years
    Operating Usage Temperature 14-104°F (-10-40℃)
    Solar Panel Combination
    Solar Saga 80 Up to 12 Pcs (with 2 solar connectors)
    Solar Saga 100 Up to 6 Pcs (with 2 solar connectors)
    Solar Saga 200 Up to 6 Pcs (with 2 solar connectors)